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Smart Home

With smart technology, you can protect your home from anywhere in the world. Instead of a traditional lock and key, smart locks use a variety of techniques to help you easily and conveniently enter your home or apartment. Smart locks provide the ability to customize who can access your home and when, lock or unlock your door from anywhere with your smartphone, and even lock the door with your voice.


At Jim Heath Locksmith Company, we are proud to offer the supply and installation of smart locks for your residence. We’ll send an expert locksmith to your home to walk you through everything you need to know about using the lock and keeping your home safe and secure. If you’d prefer to purchase the lock yourself, that’s fine too! Just give us a call and Jim Heath will gladly come out to assist with the setup.

Selecting the Right Lock for Your Home

With so many smart lock brands advertising on the internet, it can be challenging to select the right lock for your particular needs. We have done some of the legwork for you. Below you can find a few of our favorite Alexa-compatible smart locks available on the market. Link these top-rated smart locks to your Amazon Alexa and simply shout when you are heading out the door to make sure everything is locked down.

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